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Letting kids be kids

Nori is wkid

WKID makes clothes for real kids. The curious, turn-over-every-rock kids. The determined, fall-and-get-back-up kids. The excited, hyped-up-on-life kids. But most of all, the wouldn’t-change-them-for-the-world kids.

As parents to a wicked kid, we wanted to dress Nori in clothing that let her be herself. She needed clothes with a flexible fit and playful design. We needed high-quality pieces that we could feel good about. And when those things collided, WKID was born.

wkid good

Based out of Toronto, WKID makes stylish clothing that kids love and families can feel great about buying:wkid is good

wkid benefits

Bamboo isn’t just for pandas. With some help from modern technology, manufacturers are turning pulp from bamboo plants into an incredible natural fibre option for children’s clothing. And it comes with some pretty amazing benefits.

For starters, its chemical-free processing means the fibres are naturally smoother and softer against the skin – reducing irritation and making it a great hypoallergenic choice for parents. The bamboo plant also contains natural anti-bacterial properties which result in fresher, more hygienic clothing.

When it comes to the elements, bamboo protects you inside and out. Its fibre structure is extremely breathable and, unlike cotton, it keeps you dry by absorbing sweat (a.k.a. moisture-wicking). Externally, bamboo naturally protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

Bamboo is also one of the most eco-friendly materials on the planet. This renewable resource is 100% biodegradable and known for its high production of oxygen and ability to prevent soil erosion. So move over cotton, bamboo is the new king of clothing.